About Narconon

Narconon, meaning "No Narcotics" (Narco - "Narcotics" and Non - "No" or "None") is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that works to rid the planet of drug abuse and addiction through effective drug rehabilitation facilities and centers as well as effective and informative education and prevention programs.

Since it's founding in 1966, Narconon has grown to become one of the largest drug rehabilitation/prevention programs on the planet and now includes over 145 drug rehabilitation and education centers in over 38 countries.

Narconon International, headquartered in Hollywood, California, is the international coordination body for administrative and promotional actions within and concerning the vast network of Narconon rehabilitation facilities and drug education and prevention programs across the planet.

Narconon implements a unique method of freeing people from the brutal, sometimes fatal, grasp of drugs. The utilization of this method has been seen to show up to an 80% success rate in some Narconon drug rehabilitation facilities and centers, making it the most successful method of drug rehabilitation and withdrawal on the planet.

To find out more about Narconon, visit the official website of Narconon International at www.narconon.org.

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