Results & Successes

The Narconon drug prevention and education program works.

As an example of this, below is a summary of an analysis conducted on 1,045 students from 37 classes in 15 Los Angeles area schools:

• 34 percent of the students surveyed after the lecture indicated that they had changed their attitudes in a positive way.

• Of those already opposed to drugs, 29 percent indicated a strengthened opposition to drug use.

• Among those whose prior attitude indicated that they might use drugs in the future, 86 percent stated that they no longer wanted to use drugs.

• In other groups, 42 percent of the students previously supporting drug use reported a change of attitude and 57 percent of those indifferent towards drug use indicated a change.

• 77 percent of the students reported learning something positive from the lecture.


Student Successes

Educator Successes

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