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"The Colegio Renovacao has used the Narconon Drug Prevention Program over the past two years...

"The number of drug users/suspects has decreased from 30-35 students to only 5-8, although during the same period our high school student body has increased 70%!"

— Professor Fernando S. Leao Castilho
Assistant Principal, Colegio Renovacao.

(A school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.)

Dear Sponsors of the Narconon Program,

Thank you so much for giving the children of Saint Ambrose School an opportunity to participate in the Narconon drug prevention program. We were able to have four classes, grades 5-8, attend and learn from the informative and engaging presentation given by Bob and Steve. The information they shared both educated and challenged the students to look differently at the way they thought about drug use.

When asked after the presentation if their ideas about drugs had changed, many of the students said, "Yes!" Some of the reasons why they had changed their minds were: "Because I saw...that other things tike beer and cigarettes are drugs, too;" " told me of how it works and influences the brain into doing it [taking drugs] more;" "I know now that I don't have to do it to be cool;" "I didn't think of smoking cigarettes or drink alcohol as doing drugs." Those who already had decided not to do drugs, said, "Well, I never planned to use drugs. This talk made me feel more strongly about it;" "hearing that talk, I know now that I'm really going to stay away from it [drugs]."

I know you already know this, but I want to reiterate the importance of your sponsoring programs such as Narconon. Most school budgets don't have much room for "extra'' programs that are so influential and infonnative in the students' school expenence. As an inner city school, Saint Ambrose School is counting every penny. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, we were able to send four classes instead of two classes to this presentation, and hopefully, together, we have helped several children make a commitment to remain drug-free and focsued on their education.

M.A.F., SC School Counselor

On behalf of Pine Hill Waldorf School I would like to thank you for finding a sponsor so Narconon's program could come to our school.

On March 4, Bob Wiggins spoke to.our 7th and 8th grade students during the day and our parents during the evening. He was excellent. He explained Narconon's program very clearly and shared his own personal biography with both audiences. Mr, Wiggins was extremely well received and the students were 100% attentive (this is no easy task for Middle School teachers).

In today's society our students are faced with many difficult challenges and decisions on a daily basis. Their choices at this time in their lives can have dire consequences on their health and we!l-beins. ft is our job as educators to find ways to hdp equip our students with the tools necessary to make positive, healthy choices. Mr. Wiggins did just that in his presentation. After talking about the physiological effects of drugs on the body he explained, in detail, how the movie industry is providing an extremely effective advertising channel for the beer and cigarette industry. What was shaking to the students, parents and teachers was just how subtle and prevalent this is in our society today.

Mr. Wiggins gave us all tools to become more savvy consumers. In this way the students felt empowered with knowledge and armed with the tools to become objective, conscious consumers. We will continue his work in our classes throughout the year.

I can not speak highly enough of your program and particulariy Mr. Wiggins' excellent presentation. We are very grateful to the Byme Foundation for sponsoring Mr. Wiggins* presentation. We are already planning to incorporate Narconon into next year's drug awareness program and sincerely hope Mr. Wiggins can return.

B.T. 8th grade teacher

To Whom It May Concern:

"He was terrific; we really need more programs like that." That quote echoes the sentiments of the majority of the faculty at Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, Massachusetts where Mr. Bob Wiggins of Narconon presented a drug awareness program on Wednesday, September 27, 1995.

Both the faculty and the students were profuse in praise of Mr. Wiggins. He kept the audience involved while at the same time giving them much needed information. To quote one sophomore. "He really knew what he was talking about".

As an educator who participated in one of Mr. Higgins orkshops last fall, I was anxious to have Bob come to Bishop Feehan. His program was everything I had hoped for and more. Our principal, George Milot, the faculty, and the student body would like to thank NYNEX for sponsoring Mr. Wiggins1s visit. One faculty member was astounded by the students' responses to Mr. Wiggin's questions; we are so appreciative for corporations such as NYNEX for funding the Narconon program.

Respectively yours,
P.V.O. — Guidance Counselor

Dear John:

Your talks on the effects of drugs on the body and mind on Thursday and Friday were of great value to both students and teachers. You are able to sense the level appropriate for the group and direct the thrust of the presentation right at the students. You are a master of simplifying the issues so that they are understood.

With our population of learning disabled students, it is im¬portant that the main facts are repeated. You drive the point home by your multi-modal approach of writing key words and diagramming as you talk.

We will make good use of your book and the pamphlet you left with us. Thank you so much.

J.E.— Principal


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