Student Successes

"I thought it was awesome because Tony really knew what he was talking about from all directions. Medically and scientifically he was informative. Also, he knows the slang, he knows the feelings because he's been there."

"I will never touch drugs, not even out of curiosity. Awful stuff that is. Awful stuff!"

"The talk was the best drug awareness talk that I've ever had. It was so informative and from Clayton's first hand experiences, he knew how to reach high school kids and he was real about drugs and not masking anything."

"I will use the information to enlighten my friends that think pot is okay. It will hopefully stop my friends from bad habits."

"I thought that the talk about drugs was great because the speaker made the talk interesting. And he had a great personality. If it was another person talking to use about that, I would probably have fallen asleep, but I was listening all the way."

"I thought that Tony made a change in how everyone thought about drugs. He let us know how dangerous they could truly be, I liked the way he was funny."

"I liked the talk a lot because Tony was a funny guy and he made his talk interesting. He also brought it down to a level that we could relate to instead of just talking down to us."

"My thoughts on Ecstasy changed dramatically, I've never realized how bad something could be for you and you still see everyone doing it."

"I'm gonna warn my family and friends that drugs ruin their lives in the long run.

"It was educational while fun. He really made an impact on my life and has set me on the straight path for life."

"In the future, if somebody offers me drugs, I will know that drugs are harmful and that I should stay away from them."


Student Successes

Educator Successes

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