Get A Friend Off Drugs

Many people know friends or family members who are addicted to drugs. Very possibly, you know someone addicted to drugs yourself.

But, what can you do to help? Can you even help at all?

Armed with the right knowledge, information, materials and tools, you definitely can!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Read and familiarize yourself with 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs. You may even want to buy a copy of it to go over with your friend or family member.

2. Approach the person in a friendly, non-accusative way, simply telling them that you just want to talk to them.

3. Talk to them about work, school, and just life in general. Find out any problems or difficulties they may be having or running into.

4. Go over their drug problem. In doing this, do not make them wrong for their actions. Instead, communicate in a friendly way. If you communicate in an incorrect fashion, they may not want to talk to you again and probably won't ask for your help. Do it correctly and you will become a stable person for them to come talk to about their problems.

5. Find out why they turned to drugs, or why they think they turned to drugs. Associate their answers with what you found in step 3.

6. Work out alternate solutions (other than the drug) to their problems. Get them to apply these solutions instead.

7. Find out if they want to get off the drug (or drugs) and end their drug addiction problem. If they don't, go over the data contained in 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs and explain to them why drugs are bad and how they can affect your body and mind. If you have a copy of the booklet, you can even show it to them.

9. Offer to help them in ending their addiction problem. If they don't want to stop using drugs, contact Narconon for further assistance.

8. Contact Narconon and get them to a Narconon drug rehabilitation facility.

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Get A Friend Off Drugs

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